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To Dream Of Dresses is a new kind of style blog, created by me Katie Portman. (Please call me Kate.)

A style blog with soul.

A style blog that has been created so you too, can ‘Dream Of Dresses’.

It all began with a dream I had many years ago. Or should that be dreams? Because you see, I am someone who actually dreams of dresses. Truly.

I am someone who wakes up in the morning and can remember every detail about the dress I was wearing in my dreams.

The shape, the colour, the embellishment and even how and why it was worn. And this has happened to me for years.

Besides that, I absolutely ADORE dresses. Like really adore them. And I’m guessing you do too right, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

I have poured over images of Hollywood film stars in their finest gowns, done a giddy dance of joy when I’ve found a vintage frock that fits just perfectly and cried tears of joy and utter relief when I finally found (after many disappointments) the wedding gown I’d been dreaming of.

To be honest, I just can’t get enough of them.

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Dresses to me are the ultimate feminine garment.

Iconic and easy to wear, they also empower, reflecting our change of mood or image in an instant.

From blushing bride to glamorous goddess, sex kitten to serious career professional, no other piece in our wardrobe dictates how we feel about ourselves as much as THE DRESS.

Here on To Dream Of Dresses you will find absolutely everything to do with dresses, from wedding gowns to party frocks.

There will be dreamy style features – as I strut my stuff in some of the most magnificent frocks and gowns I come across.

There will be style inspiration – as I share with you the hottest dress buys.

There will be inspiration – as I  interview designers, showcase collections and share with you all the tricks of the dress trade.

And there are will be lots and lots of stories – about memorable dresses and the women who wear or have worn them.

In short, this blog is the online place ‘To Dream Of Dresses’. I hope you will love it as much as I have dreamt you do.

Welcome and enjoy.




About me: Kate, the Author


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Hi, I’m Kate – a thirty something freelancer, blogger and mum of one from Yorkshire.

Some of you may know me from Pouting In Heels – my other blog, my personal one, the one where I try to make women feel better about themselves.

And if you don’t, well hello! I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by.

I love dresses, obvious I know, and all manner of other pretty things such as glorious high heels, dazzling jewellery and delicate blouses.

However, like with all woman, there’s much more to me than just that.

I spend too much time thinking about how I can change the world (and make it a better place) and love the finer things in life such as great books, fabulous company and tantalising stories.

And I also know that wearing the right dress can change your life (or at least make you look pretty and pulled together in a heartbeat, when needs must.)

‘To Dream Of Dresses’ has taken two years to come to fruition and I have created it because I adore dresses and everything about them, but particularly how they make us feel. 

There’s just something incredibly magical about wearing a special dress and it’s this very thing – the way in which we feel transformed – that I celebrate and explore.

Every dress has a story to tell. As indeed, does every woman who wears them.

My passion now is to share these stories to help our love for dream dresses remain as strong and as loyal as ever. I hope you will help me. x





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