cheery in yellow - wearing Precis Petite

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L AST week I talked about the yellow dress that got away…


so today I thought I’d share one that didn’t!

This lovely frock was kindly sent to me by Precis Petite (don’t be put off by the ‘Petite’ bit, I’m 5ft6 and this dress was absolutely fine on me!) as one of two, to help me get this dress blogging started!

And I have to tell you it certainly knows how to cheer me up and brighten up a gloomy grey day. Especially when mixed with the largest balloon arrangement I have ever seen!


ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 59

Because although I absolutely adore timeless little black dresses, let’s face it, wearing a bold, vibrant colour that suits your colouring, just helps to make you look and feel great.

It makes you look younger, it helps disguise those big dark circles under your eyes (thank you Elsie darling!) and it just gives you a bit of pizazz. A bit of flair. A bit of boldness. On those days when perhaps you’re feeling anything but!

Such is the power of a dream dress.

I love yellow. It’s one of my favourite colours and so wearing it always makes me a cheery chap.

ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 53ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 54

And I also love lace, so this little beauty gets top marks from me.

Comfy to wear and flattering on the figure, it’s described as an occasion dress and yes, whilst this stunner would undoubtedly be ideal to wear to someone’s nuptials or to any other fancy occasion, it’s also perfect -I think – as a day dress.

The perfect day dress to wear for lunch with friends or on a date afternoon with your beloved.


ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 51ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 52ToDreamOfDressesFINAL 50

Dressed up or down, this bright and bold yellow dress, leaves me feeling anything but mellow!

Which really when it comes to wearing a dress, is EXACTLY what it’s all about.



The Details


Dress: Precis Petite, Necklace: New Look, Shoes: Joe Browns , Balloons: borrowed from my daughter (whilst she was sleeping! Naughty mummy! *winks*) Makeup and hair: my own(!), Photography: the amazing Masque Photography

(There was a terrifying moment when I nearly lost my daughter’s beloved balloons, captured brilliantly by the photographer Helen. Check it out in the gallery. The things you do for a style blog ey? Thankfully we recovered them. Phew!)



The Video




The Gallery


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  • Oh Kate, this is beautiful! What a cheery colour and you model it so well.

    Also, can I have your entire figure, please? Because DAMN, 😉

    • Ah thank you Amber! It’s lovely isn’t it?! Always nice to wear colour. The quality is superb too. Great brand.

      And you’re very kind but you should known – *whispers* – I had to really breathe in for this shoot! 😉 x

  • Oooh beautiful Katie! I’m with you, a dress in a vibrant colour that suits your tone is just as good – if not better – than an LBD. Lovely that it’s yellow, like the one that got away! Love the cut of it, and broderie detailing….you look stunning in it xxx

    • Thanks Franki! As for the ballons, well…it involved my wonderful photographer pal Helen bombing it next door and climbing down to get them before they blew away! She’s my hero! 😉 xxx

    • Thanks Hazel, and yes, so true! The power of a #dreamdress never fails to amaze! :) x

  • Oh yes, yellow is lovely on you Katie. I agree it’s the sort of dress that is special but definitely suitable for daytime. I quite often pop on a nice day dress for a lunch date.

    I do love the layout of the site here with the details, video bit and gallery. Clever girlie :) Really enjoying To dream of Dresses. Bravo! xxx

    • Thanks Amy! So thrilled you said that and totally chuffed you’re loving the site! :) I love a good day dress, nothing as feminine or as easy to wear in my humble opinion. xxx

  • Yellow so suits you! I LOVE yellow too – it’s a colour that can instantly lift my mood no matter how down I am feeling. I’m a big fan of yellow in kids rooms too – it’s such a happy colour! Dress is so pretty and looks fabulous on you. x

    • Thank you and I agree, it’s the cheeriest of all the colours. (Love it for kids too!). Thanks for your lovely words x

  • This is a stunning dress, I really love the colour. I tend to go for bright blue when I go for colour as I’m not that brave but I could be tempted by this, You look amazing. Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

    • Thanks so much CRU! Cannot wait to show off a future post and share my new STUNNING CRU bag too – thank you! x

  • I love yellow dresses. I love lace. This dress was made for me!! We’ll just have to make sure we confer before we meet up in case we’re in the same thing 😉 xx