I‘VE still got my wedding dress folded up in a special box, that lives underneath my bed.


I dabbled with giving it to charity or perhaps dying it and shortening it so I could wear it again, but in the end I decided to keep it, just in case I ever had a daughter.

And guess what? I did. :)

Whilst I certainly don’t expect Elsie to want to wear my wedding dress if she ever does get married, I kept it because I thought she might perhaps like to try it on in years to come or just look at it.

Or that she may even be able to take some of the lace from my dress and use it for something, one day.

And if I was in any doubt that keeping it for my daughter wasn’t the right thing to do, this video confirms that I made the right choice.

Here are a lovely bunch of daughters trying on their mum’s wedding dress (and some priceless reactions).

Enjoy! X


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  • That is awesome. As children we tried on my mums wedding dress, sadly it was not cleaned correctly after she wore it and the cleaner ruined it. Hence the reason we could wear it. Sadly my mum passed away when I was 16 so she never got to see my dress. When I moved to Australia, I left my dress with my dad. Some of my nieces found it and played in it which was fine by me. I don’t even know where it is anymore but if I had it I would donate it to http://www.angelgownsaustralia.org.au to be made into baby gowns. I could not think of a better use for it.

  • Oh my, I would have LOVED to try on my mum’s wedding dress. She was a 70s hippy princess. Just the most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen – absolutely stunning. (I must dig out something pics).

    It was a very ‘boho’ look, except it wasn’t, because that’s how folks looked in the 70s – effortlessly cool.

    She got rid of her dress and is badgering me to do the same (largely because it occupies space in her wardrobe!). I won’t be getting rid of it though. The lace is too beautiful and it has too many sentimental attachments to it.

    That video actually made me chuckle, in a happy, ‘aw, they’re cute mothers and daughters’ kinda way! Xx