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I‘M a big believer that when it comes to work, you gotta dress to impress.


And nothing impresses me more than a woman who knows how to wear a dress for work. Who knows how to ‘work it, work it’ to her advantage and wear it well.

Because it’s not so easy. You’d think it would be but it’s not.

Dresses are wonderful but often tricky to get right. Especially for work.

But when you do crack it, when you do find the holy grail of work dresses, boy can they elevate you and make people take notice!

In a sea of boring black suits, a stunning work dress will help you to stand out for all the right reasons. (Leaving all of your competitors quaking in their dull, safe court shoes.)

Here’s how to find the perfect work dress, followed by a big dose of shopping inspiration (because let’s face it, we all need it at times).


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Make sure it doesn’t show too much flesh

Whilst I’m all about ‘wearing what you feel good in’, let’s face it, none of us want to see more flesh than we should have to at work. Especially at this time of the year.

So when you’re selecting a work dress, try it on and think objectively. Does it expose too much? Does the skirt ride up when you sit down?

There’s a time for showing off your womanly charms to their full advantage and the work place is most definitely not it. You never want to show too much leg or cleavage at work in my opinion.

You want to bowl people over with your skills and talents not shock them by showing too much leg. So choose a dress well and make sure this summer, that only thing that’s going to ‘pop out’ and surprise your colleagues, is the sunshine.


T hink – is it comfortable?

A perfect work dress should skim, not cling. It should hug your figure but not strangle it. You need it to be comfortable. You want it to feel lovely on your skin.

Sitting at your desk feeling restrained and uncomfortable is no good and it certainly won’t do your productivity any favours. So if you’re constantly having to pull down the hemline, if it makes you feel flustered or if it feels too tight, then it’s probably not the best one to rock in the office.


Is it suitable for YOUR job?

Floaty or tailored? Shift or mini? Funky or classic? So many dresses, so many choices. But when it comes to work attire, your dress – besides being suitable for you – also needs to be suitable for your job.

Some jobs are more flexible when it comes to what you wear, giving you more style freedom whilst others will expect your clothes to scream professional and serious at all times.

So for example, as a freelancer and blogger, most of my work dresses tend to be short (ish), comfortable and easy to wear, as I spend most of my time sat down typing away.

I need to be able to throw them on in the morning, feel nice and know that I look presentable.

But if I’m attending a big meeting with a new client, I will (and do) ramp up the dress stakes and wear something more tailored, more structured and a little more serious.

Dress in a way that pleases you but always dress accordingly. For the job you have AND for the job you want.


Don’t be afraid of colour or prints

Too many women play it too safe when it comes to clothes, especially when it comes to work attire. I mean seriously, how many more bog standard black suits do we have to see?!

Yes, you want to look professional and yes it needs to be appropriate but that doesn’t mean a work dress has to be boring.

Neutrals are classic and always look stylish but don’t be afraid of a bolder colour choice or a print. Wearing something a little more daring will make you feel fabulous and project confidence.


Does it make you feel great?

When you look good, you feel good and let’s face it, feeling good at work is critical to our success. Therefore you ideal work dress should make you feel terrific.

Like a million dollars.

It should make you feel invincible and at your very best. It should showcase your personality, flatter your figure and make you look pulled together and professional in an instant.

So if your ordinary black dress that you’ve wheeled out for every meeting no longer cuts the mustard, get tough. Ditch it and find a more stunning number that will.

Your dream work dress is out there just waiting to be found. Now you’ve got the tips, all you need to do is go and hunt it out. *winks*



The Gallery


Stunning dresses that can be worn for work (or play if you prefer!) are everywhere. And as always us Brits are spoilt for choice thanks to super designers and our brilliant British High Street.

Here are just some of my favourites that I’ve come across recently, all very different but yet totally swoon worthy and guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing AND professional.

(Just click and scroll for all the details and gorgeousness!)





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  • Great post lovely. I love dresses but don’t wear them nearly enough because of the tights vs toddler problem. I have definitely worn too short dresses to work before and it doesn’t seem like such a good idea in the cold light of the office! Love your choices, especially the green Boden one. You look gorge in yellow. X

    • Ah I hear you Jess! But you know now it’s going to get a little warmer (*crosses fingers*) just rock some bare pins or (Fake) tanned pins and away you go! 😉

      That green one is gorgeous isn’t it?! *sighs* x

  • Personally I find dresses so much easier for work than blouses and trousers – with baby twins at home, I don’t have time to faff about with coordinate tops and trousers, whereas I can fling on a dress and a splodge of lipstick and look like I’ve made a real effort!

    • Exactly Amber! They are so much easier aren’t they?! As long as you shop well and choose something that fits brilliantly AND is comfortable, dresses are so empowering for busy women. Why? Because as you brilliantly say all you need to do is fling on a fabulous dress, add some lippie and off you go! :) x

  • Love the polka dot dress from Planet. I struggle to wear dresses for work given my job but I might start hunting around for some that might work now. I’m getting pretty sick of living in jeans.

    • Gorgeous isn’t it Franki! You really should! Treat yourself, they’re so much easier to wear than jeans. x