Imagine if every dress we bought came with a story

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YESTERDAY evening a friend of mine shared the most beautiful image with me on Facebook.


And as soon as I saw it, I shouted ‘yesss’! into the atmosphere and then I got a little teary eyed.

This was the post, that I saw.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.07.54

Isn’t it just incredibly beautiful?

This note together with the most stunning vintage wedding dress was left at the St Gemma’s Hospice Shop in Garforth, Leeds and understandably, after receiving such an incredible, heartwarming response to it on social media, the Hospice are now desperately searching for the kind gentleman who donated the gown and wrote the note.

As of yet I don’t think he has been found, but keep your eyes peeled on social media because I think this story may just run for a little while longer. And naturally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they find him.


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.08.50


The stunning dress is now for sale on eBay, but the note is actually what I’m more interested in.


Well, because it provides meaning and is part of a story.

Of a devoted husband to his wife. And of a long and happy marriage.

Makes you want to weep a little doesn’t it?

The note and the dress made me shout out loud, because besides being just one of the loveliest things I’ve happened to come across on Facebook recently (Thank you Laura!) it’s also the epitome of what this new blog of mine is all about – dreamy dresses AND their stories.

As many of you will know, I started this blog because I am of the belief that every dress has a story and indeed that every dress deserves one!

And this story, proves that ever so beautifully.

Gorgeous gowns and fabulous frocks deserve to be worn and loved and cherished don’t they?

Worn with affection and abandon, creating happy memories for both the woman who wears it and those who see her in it.

So imagine – just imagine – if every dress you bought came with a little note of its own.

A little note which said why it was created, who created it and why you should wear it.

A little note pinned to a vintage gown which told you a little bit about its history.

A little note pinned to a new dress telling you that it deserves to be worn and loved.

Just imagine how special that would be.

Would it make you treat a dress differently do you think? Would it make you wear one with more pride? Or respect?

Sadly, the dresses we buy don’t come with little notes attached from lovely, kind people like this wonderful man.

But perhaps when you look at them in your wardrobe, you can make a mental note about them instead.

Perhaps you can look at your wedding dress and remember that first kiss as husband and wife and the way you felt when you first put it on.

Perhaps you can look at your glamorous evening gown and remember that amazing night you had in it where you partied hard and laughed more than you thought possible.

Perhaps you can look at your daughter’s baby dress and still see her cherubic face in it, the face which has changed so much as she’s grown older.

And if you can’t?

Well perhaps it’s time to let a dress go – as this man did so generously – and pass it on to someone who can create a beloved one of their own.





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  • I know that commercialising this idea would kind of ruin the charm, but wouldn’t this be a great idea for a small boutiquey brand of clothing? To add a little, personal and unique note to each item of clothing?

    I loved this story – I hope the gentleman who donated this dress is found so that we can find out more about the lovely man behind the story. X

  • Wow what a moving and amazing story. I loved reading this- the bit where he says he was a lucky man nearly had me in tears! xx

  • I’ve been wondering what the dress story was! I kind of hope they don’t find him – I like the story just being left as a mystery. Your idea for the dresses is lovely. I’m actually putting together a post at the moment talking about my favourite charity shop dress purchases and I’ve loved thinking back over when I’ve bought dresses and what I’ve bought them for. #brilliantblogposts

  • What a lovely story. I hope the dress ends up with a lovely new owner who’ll make more happy memories before passing it onto the next person. #brilliantblogposts

  • Oh what s touching story and beautiful note! I hope they don’t find him though, he deserves his privacy and I think his note was so lovely and genuine and all he wanted to say. Mim x

  • Great post. I think clothes are so easy to come by that we take them for granted. I am trying to buy less and only buy things I really love. I live near Leeds and I heard on the radio that they did find this man but that he didn’t want to be identified and when told how much the dress was currently selling for he laughed and said it would have paid for the entire wedding. He sounds like a really lovely person. #SundayStars

  • What a wonderful dress and a beautiful note. Maybe it’s the anonymity that makes it so romantic, in a way I hope he remains unknown, but he knows the note was there and that’s what counts. Thanks for sharing #sundaystars

  • A beautiful story and a lovely note. It makes me think of one of my dresses and the story behind it. It’s one of my favourites although I rarely get to wear it. I would hate to be parted from it. But, maybe at some point I will donate the dress, like the gentleman, and pin a note to it. Great post Kate. Xx

  • So beautiful, I saw this on FB too and was really touched by it (and naturally loved that it happened in Leeds from a sweet Yorkshire man)! This is why I love vintage pieces, those that have been worn and enjoyed by others that offer you history when you wear them too. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, LOVE that sultry pic of you too x

  • What an amazing story and lovely to know that. We often buy old pieces and have hand-me-downs and it’s nice knowing who had them and why. Love this and thanks for sharing with #SundayStars