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W HEN this wedding dress popped up in my inbox, I squealed with joy.


Because it’s just so fabulous, so unusual and so damn lovely, that I knew immediately that I had to share it with you all.


Well because it brilliantly proves that your wedding dress can be ANYTHING you like. ANYTHING you desire. ANYTHING you wish! 

Any colour, any shape, any design.

You don’t have to stick to classic white or ivory if you don’t want to or buy a typical bridal gown.

All that matters is that your dress ‘speaks’ to you and that you feel a million dollars in it. That for that moment in time, it is your dream dress.

Today’s beauteous bride Lindsay Lamb married her husband Steve last summer at Bow Registry Office, followed by a reception at Far Rockaway in Shoreditch, London.

Here she tells us all about her unusual wedding dress choice and how she made her dress idea a reality.

Doesn’t she look bloomin’ marvellous?!


Tell us about your beautiful dress!


I originally found a dress with a similar print online, (I can’t remember the French designer’s name), and I had booked in to a shop in Bristol to try it on (the only one available to try in the country).

But when I found out I was pregnant I realised the style would no longer be suitable for my shape.

I had no idea what I was going to do.

I am not a traditional bridal dress kind of person, and although I tried on lots of maternity dresses, I did not try on a single wedding dress. I enquired about having a tailor made dress, but the cost of this was out of my budget, and I was still unsure about what shape to go for.

I really wanted a yellow dress, and I was so sure I did not want a ‘wedding dress’.

My sister recommended a colleague of hers, Cathy Thomas of The Curious Tinker who is based down in Cornwall. Cathy is a dressmaker who specialises in classic vintage styles, and she had a little experience of making a maternity dress.

I shared pictures of dresses I liked with Cathy on Pinterest, and she shared fabric images with me until I found the yellow damask I fell in love with.

Cathy chose the shape as I was unsure what would suit a large pregnant bump. I would be seven months pregnant when I got married, and I was only three months when Cathy and I first were in touch!

Cathy made mock ups of the dress in a cheaper fabric and posted them to me for me to try on as I lived in London and every week I sent Cathy my updated measurements of my ever growing bump.

The whole process, amazingly, was conducted by post, texts and emails!

Cathy sent me the final dress three weeks before the wedding. And it was perfect. This is Cathy’s first ever wedding dress.


IF you had to sum up your dress choice in three words, what would they be?


Original, yellow, simple.




H ow did you decide on the dress? How did you know it was ‘the one’?


I needed something that would accommodate my growing bump, and that would be comfortable for me to wear as I would be seven months pregnant on the day.

I opted for a floor length gown just in case I wanted to hide my potentially giant swollen feet (thinking ahead!).  I also wanted something ‘un-weddingy’.

The design is as such so that it can accommodate my growing bump, and a design in which would need no altering afterwards.




What accessories did you team it with?


I wore a vintage pearl necklace from Spitalfields Antique Market, and a ceramic skull bracelet from Camden Market.

The shoes I wore for the ceremony were just from Schuh and I wore my battered old Haviana flip flops for the rest of the day.




How did it make you feel when you wore it on your special day?


To be honest, the dress was not a big deal for me in the grand scheme of wedding planning. I was just not a traditional bride. Once I found the fabric in yellow, I was happy.

However, when I finally received the finished dress, it was just amazing. The dress is perfect for me.  Very ‘un-weddingy’.  I was very fortunate to find Cathy.




What did your husband say or do when he saw you in the dress?!


Steve told me I looked beautiful.

He was glad I did not wear something traditional, and especially glad I wasn’t cheeky enough to wear white as a pregnant bride.


What have you decided to do with the dress now?


The dress is still hanging in the wardrobe. However, I plan to have Cathy from The Curious Tinker shorten it for me so that I can wear it again.




What advice would you give to brides to be?


Go with your gut.

I was so sure I didn’t want a traditional dress, that I didn’t even bother to try one on.  If you can’t find what you are looking for then get it made for you.




Finally, how do you think you will feel when you look back on photos, in the future?


I love my dress, and I am sure I will feel the same in the future. The style and colour of the dress means I can wear it in again.



The Details


Bride: Lindsay Lamb, 31 – a project manager, designer / dress maker: Cathy Thomas of The Curious Tinker, shoes: Schuh & Haviana, jewellery: vintage pearls and a ceramic skull bracelet from Camden Market.

Photography: Sassy from Assassynation

All images have been shared with kind permission from Sassy, Lindsay’s photographer.


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  • Aww this is beautiful! It just goes to show that every bride is different and has to find something to suit her style and personality, but we all know when we’ve found what we’re looking for. Lovely.

  • What a fabulous dress! I love it. It’s so unusual- I do think your wedding dress should reflect the bride’s personality. The bouquet is fabulous too, what a wonderful idea! Also love the bridesmaids dresses xxx

  • The bride is beautiful and the dress just adds to that. I love the fact they went for a dress that reflects their personality rather than something conventional. (I got married in purple! Loved it!)

  • I love seeing unusual wedding dresses, and something about every single detail in the pictures really seems to reflect Lindsay’s personality – from the cool vintage-esque shoes to the beautiful damask fabric, the fabulous quiffed hair and I love love love the button bouquet! I love it when a bride stays true to herself, wonderful photographs, and thank you so much for sharing! Great post Katie!