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To Dream Of Dresses may be written by me but it’s written for YOU.


I want to share your stories about dresses that have truly meant something to you, dresses that have been memorable, dresses that have a special place in your heart (as well as in your wardrobe).

So if you’re a dress-obsessed woman like me, a photographer or new bride, please do get in touch!

I’d love to hear from you.



How do I get featured?


There are two ways in which you can be featured on To Dream Of Dresses currently:

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Your Most Memorable Dress


Tell me about the dress that changed your life or the one that you can’t bear to be parted from.

Perhaps it’s the one you were wearing when you met the love of your life or the designer dress you couldn’t afford that helped you land your dream job.

Or maybe it’s a dress that was worn by a loved one, a memory that is forever implanted in your mind.

If you’ve got a dress that is memorable and special to you, I want to hear about it.


Y our Wedding Dress


Tell me about the dress that you wore on your big day. What was it like? Was it everything you hoped for? Or was it a disaster? Were you controversial or classic?

Maybe it was the first dress you tried on or perhaps you wore the wedding dress that your Mum had worn decades earlier.

Share the biggest frock of your life with To Dream Of Dresses and relive your special day.


How do I make it happen?


Simple! Get in touch.

Drop me, Kate, a line at: with a couple of paragraphs about your ‘dream dress’ and if possible, send me a snapshot of the dress too.

Then leave the rest to me.

I cannot WAIT to share them! x





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