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Hello and welcome!


It’s been a long time coming. Around two years in fact, since I came up with the idea for this blog.

But at last, after many musings, trials and tribulations, it is finally here! And yes, it feels amazing, if a little surreal.

To Dream Of Dresses is a new kind of style blog. A style blog with a difference. A style blog with soul.

As you’d expect, it is indeed a blog all about dresses.

Naturally, I want to celebrate the glamour and beauty of dresses and share with you the most dream-worthy of gowns.

But more importantly, I want to capture the emotions that dresses evoke in us. This is where the soul part comes in.

I want to share your stories, as well as my own, about the dresses that truly mean something to us. The ones we can’t bear to be parted from, the ones we can see our loved ones wearing, the ones we will never forget.

ToDreamSuzanneFINAL 48The dress is a powerful item and an incredibly emotive style piece. It is iconic – celebrating and championing our femininity more than than any other fashion item.

Long or short. Black or colourful. Embellished or plain.

Every dress – and every woman in it – has a story to tell, be that a secret, a memory or a lasting impression.

The beauty of the dress is what attracts us but it is how they make us feel, that makes them so special to us.

Every woman I have ever met, has at least one story to share about a dress she has loved.

Perhaps it’s a dress that she played in as a little girl. Or the frock she wore when she fell in love. Quite possibly it’s the dress she wore on her wedding day however it could also be the one that made her feel fearless, at a time when her nerve was tested.

ToDreamSuzanneFINAL 52

Because this is what dresses do. This is the power they have.

They make us feel different. They make us feel beautiful. They make us feel special.

So yes, the new blog of mine will of course showcase beautiful dresses and provide you with style inspiration, but trust me, it’s going to be so much more than that.

Are you ready ‘To Dream Of Dresses’?

Super. Come on in.

I promise you a world of glamour, inspiration and emotion awaits.

And I hope, truly hope, that you will love this blog as much as I’m going to love bringing it to you.

From one dress lover to another, let’s get this dreaming started shall we?!

With love,



Thank you!

Starting this blog would just not have been possible without the support, love and encouragement of so many fabulous and supportive people! So a big heartfelt thank you to:

Steph from Black Bee Creative for creating the super logo and getting my vision so perfectly.

Helen from Masque Photography for taking the most wonderful photographs of me, helping me to launch this blog in style and feel my best.

Vicki from Drama Queen for creating my make up look for my first big dress shoot and for helping me find a ‘dream dress’ to wear.

My husband Jamie for being endlessly supportive of my crazy ideas and big plans.

And finally my daughter Elsie for inspiring me to do more, aim higher, be better.

Thank you all! It’s finally here! (Thank goodness for that.)




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    • How did I miss this?! Thank you darling. Means ever so much and yes fingers crossed! Two blogs? I must be mad! 😉 xxx

  • Katie I absolutely LOVE it here! Massive congratulations on your launch – what a brilliant and original idea for a style blog – and what I’m sure will be another successful venture for you. Can’t wait to read more! Much love xx

  • What an absolutely gorgeous blog – both visually and conceptually. Obviously we’ve been anticipating this for a while and you don’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see this flourish! And you look stunning as usual x

    • Thank you so, so much. Have to admit it feels pretty amazing to have it finally live. Now the hard work begins huh? x

  • I absolutely love this! Well done and congratulations! I’m aiming to buy and wear more dresses this summer rather than waiting until I’m the ‘right’ size to wear one, so will certainly be keeping an eye on this space :) x

  • I love this concept! So brilliantly simple and streamlined – who the hell doesn’t love a good dress?! I am really going to enjoy this. Well done you!
    Anna xx

  • Huge congratulations darling, love the concept, design of the blog and you look beautiful. What a dress, definitely Cannes-worthy xx

  • Well done, Kate! Site looks great! And you look amazing in this first dress shoot. All the best for this new venture!

  • A HUGE congratulations to you! The site looks fab and I love the thought behind this blog. I look forward to reading about those dresses and the stories.

  • Yes!! Love this. I used to love wearing dresses, especially to work. I always wore suits then found a love for “power” dresses. Always wear a dress when I go out with the girls. But lately I’ve been awful and live in jeans and tops. This has given me a boost and made me rethink that I need to bring back some dresses to my wardrobe. You look stunning by the way. What a superb idea for a blog too. Congratulations! Here’s to a successful time ahead. Xxx

    • Thank you Kat! Love how it’s inspiring you to bring dresses back into your wardrobe! Wonderful! x

    • Thank you Kiran! I’m on such a high about, even today with less than two hours of sleep! 😉 x

  • Congrats on the new blog! Such an awesome idea, I adore dresses and can’t wait to come here to indulge in my girly side (especially when regularly surrounded by boys!). #brillblogposts x

    • Ah that’s brilliant Kaye! Thank you. Please do pop by and indulge anytime and if you’ve got a story to share about a dress, I’d love to hear it! x

  • Darling Kate, I have been waiting with bated breath to see how you would execute this beautiful idea you talked about so long ago, and it is just stunning! I love everything about it – the concept, the logo, and YOU! It is a breath of fresh air, and totally inspiring as well as gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more – subscribed (of course!) xxxxx

    • Thank you so much darling! Totally thrilled you love it and thank you for subscribing! :) x P.S Please tell me you will feature?! x

  • Not only do you look like an utter Goddess the whole premise of this website is complete perfection. Love it. Adore that you have turned this into a beautiful place visually but a wonderfully uplifting source of inspiration. You go girl! xxx

  • Amazing! And you LOOK amazing. This is going to be (already IS) such a fabulous site, I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories! My story would probably be about a Primark dress that cost me £10!! I can’t see myself passing it on to my kids or anything (the zip is broken anyway 😉 ) but it represented a time when I felt really good about life. I used to wear it with spotty tights and huge wedges and I always felt amazing in it! Looking forward to more and congratulations on making it to this point, I know how much work and effort it has taken. Well done darling!!! xxxx

    • Thank you darling! Yes certainly a labour of love but well worth it! That bargain dress sounds amazing! ( See, we’ve all got a story). Thanks for sharing and your very kind words xxx